Saturday 29 July 2017

Rent-a-Wreck is not a wreck

"Rent-A-Wreck Files for Bankruptcy, Cites Litigation Costs"... when we first saw this story on July 27th, we gasped, thinking the headline meant the demise of the overall Rent-a-Wreck brand.

It's the kind of challenge many franchisors have, when operators of master franchise agreements (such as for a province, state, country or region) use the brand's name in their legal name.

Suffice it to say that the demise of "Rent-A-Wreck of America Inc." does not equate to the end of the Rent-a-Wreck brand or its parent company, International Franchise Systems (IFS), which licences franchise locations in the USA, Scandinavia, and Saint Maarten. .

Rent-A-Wreck of America Inc., which filed for bankruptcy in Delaware, had been headed to trouble for awhile. Between lawsuits involving the owner, stalled growth during the economic downturn, other litigation and more, it's a bit of a sad story. You can read the news story here, if you want the sordid details.

We just hope it doesn't hurt the rest of the brand.

In the broader context of the sharing economy (the emergence of carsharing services such as Uber and Lyft), micro-rentals (such as Zipcar), the plethora of online car rental booking engines (like ours) and an increasing demand for green technology, Rent-a-Wreck deserves kudos for staying relevant and upping their game.

Meanwhile, in other Rent-a-Wreck news:

Michael DeLorenzo Wins Auto Rental News Impact Award - Auto Rental News
Michael DeLorenzo received the inaugural Auto Rental News Impact Award for outstanding service to the auto rental industry. DeLorenzo serves as the executive vice president of International Franchise Systems (IFS), which owns the NextCar, Priceless, and Rent-A-Wreck brands. He is also a member of the American Car Rental Association’s (ACRA) Board of Directors... [read more].

So You Think You Want to Become a Franchisee? - Auto Rental News
“I washed cars for Hertz in high school,” says Matthew Allen, a Rent-A-Wreck franchisee in Richmond, Va. “From that experience I had always felt I wanted to have a rental car operation.” Allen started (his Rent-a-Wreck franchise) with seven cars in 2012 and is up to 86 today. Regarding the decision to franchise or operate his own car rental business, “I never thought about going independent,” he says. “I felt I needed the support and expertise of people who had done it before."... [read more].

How One Rent-A-Wreck Franchisee Became a CNBC Star - Auto Rental News
Ernesto “Sonny” Mongillo, Jr. wasn’t even sure what the fuss was about. After filling out a questionnaire sent from International Franchise Systems, the parent company of his Rent-A-Wreck and Priceless car rental business in Southern Conn., he took a follow-up phone call with more questions... When Mongillo finally saw the link online, he realized he had been named one of CNBC’s Star Franchisees for 2016. “Yeah, I was surprised and excited,” Mongillo said. “It was a little overwhelming...” [read more].

FYI, for our Canadian readers:
A separate Canadian Rent-a-Wreck company is not affiliated with the US based firm. The Calgary-based firm offers car and truck rentals in all 10 Canadian provinces and the Yukon.

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Saturday 1 July 2017

5 Pages:

5 Pages is our way to highlight great travel resources. In a nutshell, we share a resource we recommend and highlight five of the website's most notable sections, tools or articles. Here's our pick this month:

The Railway Gazette group brings together a team of experienced professional journalists, whose insight and analysis is highly respected within the railway industry. Travelling extensively each year, the team enjoys top-level access to managers and decision-makers. They are supported by local correspondents in many different markets around the world, helping to keeping the readers of our various publications abreast of the latest news and developments across the globe. (from the Railway Gazette website)

1. Airport Train News

Our favourite search result on Railway Gazette, to read the latest in airport train news around the globe. Vary the search term (eg. people mover) for different results
Airport Train News

2. Passenger Rail News

A roundup of passenger train news. Airport transport stories are often categorized here.
Passenger Rail News

3. High Speed Rail News

A fast way to catch up on fast trains! Not a lot of airport transport stories here, but it's interesting to learn about new high speed train developments (maybe you won't even need to fly!).
High Speed Rail News

4. Urban Rail News

Urban Rail includes subways, metros, bus rapid transit lines, and more. Airport extensions to metro systems are reported here. Maybe you will get to the airport sooner!
Urban Rail News

5. Rail Industry Event Directory

A valuable resource for those in the rail industry, or just for the curious rail-loving public. You'll find more resources on each event's website.
Rail Industry Event Directory

A few bonus pages...
Railway Gazette latest issue highlights (90 second video)
Rail Industry Publications - by subscription
Rail Industry Digital Magazines - by subscription
Rail Industry Newsletters - free

Our Review
We admit that Railway Gazette is a bit of a geeky pick, but we use it regularly to stay up-to-date with airport train news. We chose it to review as we thought there may be some train lovers among our followers who would enjoy it.
Rating: 3.5 stars
Pros: You can confidently assume that the latest news about trains is here. Train lover's will enjoy it.
Cons: It can be a bit hard to track down content (there is a lot!). Being able to download or view a sample copy of the digital magazines before subscribing would help.

Handy Links
Facebook: RailwayGazette
Twitter: @railwaygazette

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