Monday, 30 July 2012

Transportation Stories from London

With the 2012 Summer Olympics underway, we thought it might be interesting to summarize some of the public transportation stories coming out of London...

London 2012 Olympics - Road Signs
Pre-Olympics Road Sign
Of course, Londoners were well warned about expected congestion during the games. And changes like these began to take place:

London 2012 games lane
Games Restricted Lane Marker

And there was an interlude where signs like these were seen:

GAMES LANE- 7 July - wc1
Picture Taken July 7, 2012
But, no more. The fully games transport system is in operation. Now for some stories (including why you won't see one of these on the road):

First London fuel cell bus WSH62995 (LK60 HPN) VDL SB200 Wrightbus Pulsar, Catherine Street, route RV1, 20 May 2011
London's Hydrogen Fuel Cell "Green" Bus

Security Theatre? London Parks Hydrogen Buses During Olympics for "Security Reasons". 
  • Interesting story about both London's fabulous new hydrogen buses - and why they have been taken out of service during the Olympic Games.
London taxi drivers banned from protesting over Games Lane and London taxi protest.
  • As you can imagine, London's cabbies are none too happy with driving bans that effect them - and their passengers. If you are in London, just don't equate "taxi" with "fast" during the games.
London Shortening Opening Ceremonies
  • They did do this: they shortened the Opening Ceremonies, at the last minute, to ensure that attendees and participants could get home before public transportation ended. Too bad they didn't think about that sooner. Read the article to learn about what was cut and you didn't see.
London's Games Lanes confuse motorists 
  • The special games lanes were in place, but as London drivers stayed out of them, they expressed both confusion (as to when and where they can use them) and frustration (upon sitting in traffic while the games lanes went unused.
Uruguay to alter Olympic travel after delays 
  • Imagine athletes stuck in traffic on a bus for more than 7 hours - on their way to a competition - and you can guess why this is a bad news story....
London wins early "gold" in quiet Olympic commute 
  • Transportation on the first business day of the Olympics went better than anticipated, perhaps because Londoners were indeed scared off from venturing into and around their city....
Emirates Air Line Thames cable car breaks down and New cable car over River Thames opens to passengers
  • London has an exciting new transport option: the Emirates Air Line is a cable car that will lift you skyward from one side of the Thames to the other. It's rather cool, as it can carry 2,500 people, per hour, in each direction. The Air Line opened with great fanfare in late June, but just days before the games began, it broke down, leaving a group of people hanging, literally, for almost an hour over the river. (It is operating again, let's hope for no further problems).
Next stop Olympic Park: sprinting star Usain Bolt steps on to London Routemaster
  • The world's fastest man has been taking the bus.... and making fans very happy through his appearances, interactions and tweets. It's just one such story emerging from London - and comes with awesome pictures!
London Trip 16-7-2012 Emirates Air Line
Emirates Air Line Cars Crossing the River Thames
Finally, a few interesting tweets (all with pictures):
Tip: if you are in London, or plan to be, visit Transport for London for full information on options and current conditions.
Photograph of a London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Volunteer Oyster Card
London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Volunteer transport pass

Friday, 13 July 2012

Airport of the Future

Ever wonder what the airport of the future would look like? This infographic gives you an idea:
Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem. Mapping strategic direction for the next 20 years
Click for enlarged view and report from Amadeus
What do you think? How do you think airports will change in the next 20 years? Or what do you hope will change?