Monday, 10 August 2015

How to Get Away from the Airport

Beijing Capital Airport, headed to ground transportation
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How do you like to get away from the airport? Do you head to the exit to scope out the taxi situation? Look for your name on the cards held up by a driver as you exit security? Follow the hotel shuttle bus sign? Try to find an airport shuttle bus? If you're lucky enough to arrive at an airport with direct train service, do you take it? Track down the local bus? Rent a car?

Do you always do the same thing? Or do you vary your plan acvording to what airport you are arriving at? What's the best option? How do you decide?

In a recent interview on The Informed Traveler, co-founder Steve Romaine discusses the various forms of airport transportation and tips on getting you out of the airport. Listen to Steve's advice to help you narrow down your choices, and arrive stress-free!

Listen: How to Get Away from the Airport - Steve Romaine interview

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