Friday, 16 December 2016

Pokemon No-Go: Moscow GPS foils taxis, Uber, runners

We love this story, but of course are not amused about those actually getting lost. It's truly an "only in Russia thing":
Russians seek answers to central Moscow GPS anomaly
From the marathoners who magically run at a higher rate to Uber drivers thrown 30 kilometres off-course, Putin's GPS shield is bringing cloaking devices into modern un-reality.

"Isn't this the Kremlin?"
"No, you idiot, it's Vnukovo Airport!"
"Where's Pikachu then?"
"How the hell am I supposed to know?"
"It was your turn to handle directions!"
"I followed them!"
"Then where the hell is the Kremlin?"
"It's supposed to be right here!"
"Then why does the GPS on my phone keep telling me this is the airport?"
"Where are the planes?"
"I don't know!"
"It doesn't look like any airport I've ever seen..."
"They probably stopped air traffic because Putin is arriving."
"That's stupid."
"No, it's not."

"Pikachu's in a helicopter?!?"
"No, you idiot, it's Putin's helicopter!! Can't you hear it?"
"Yes, but..."
"Look, there it is! It IS Putin!"
"Holy shit."
"No shit! I told you!"
"Then where's [inaudible]?"
"I said, where [inaudible] then?"
"I can't hear you!!!"
"No shit chickenshit".
"Wow, that thing's loud..."
"Did you see Putin waving?"
"No, of course not!"
"I swear I saw him!"
"Can't be."
"Why's that?"
"Because it's his double, you idiot!!!"
"His what?!?!"
"You think they'd let Putin wave?! It's his DOUBLE, dufus!"
"He has a double?"
"Of couse he does, numbskull."
"I wonder when the planes will start again."

"So where's Pikachu then?"
"Cloaked. You know, stealth technology."
"You think Pikachu has a cloaking device?!?"
"Sure, why not?"
"You watch too much Star Trek!"
"No I don't!"
"So where's Pikachu then?"
"I don't know!"
"Why don't you ask William Shatner then?!?"
"Kirk?!? Where? What...?"
"I just keep feeling like he's going to magically turn up..."
"Ha. True."
"I'm ready for vodka."
"Me too."
"Maybe Pikachu is in the bar."
"With Shatner".
"Ha. No shit."
"Well, let's go then."
"Keep your eyes open for him."
"Who? Pikachu? Or Shatner?"
"Ha. Do you hear planes?"
"It's an airport, remember?"
"No, it's the Kremlin."
"Oh, geez... Let's get that vodka..."
"Roger that!"

Monday, 12 December 2016

Layover Ideas: Zurich

Have a layover coming up in Zurich?

Wondering what you could do with your time? Here's a little inspiration. We've gathered the following stories from those who have experienced a layover in Zurich. Learn what they did, if it was worth it, and their tips... [read more].

Want more layover ideas?
• Read more stories on the LayoverIdeas Blog
• Explore cities worldwide on

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Death by selfie

Lamapicchu selfie
Think that selfie is fun? Harmless?

Aside of the downsides of "missing" the experience of where you are, because you're so busy capturing your selfie, you may be surprised to to learn that taking selfies is actually dangerous.

What starts as playful fun can cross the line when selfies become an obsession, in which you become less aware of your surroundings and take ever-increasing risks.

Especially for men. The truth is that while women take more selfies than men, 75% of selfie death victims are MEN.

Selfie deaths?!? Really? You bet.

Selfie-takers have been killed by:
    StockbridgeUltimate "Selfie"Picos SelfieGeyser selfie!SelfiemaniaThe extreme selfie Up in the Air Waterfall SelfieSP 81/365 - March 22, 2010 - Giving it all to the River - 365 X 3
  • Falling off cliffs while taking selfies
  • Falling over viewpoint barriers
  • Falling into a volcano crater
  • Falling down stairs
  • Falling down stairs while taking a selfie at the Taj Majal
  • Falling off bridges
  • Falling off dams
  • Falling into ponds, springs, irrigation canals and water reservoirs
  • Falling into a geyser while taking a selfie
  • Falling into a quarry filled with rainwater
  • Falling into a well, while leaning over to take a selfie showing the depth
  • In a melt hole at the front edge of a receding glacier
  • Standing in a rivers
  • Taking selfies with waterfalls
  • By waves, when taking selfies on the beach
  • Standing in the surf, in a storm, taking selfies
  • Taking selfies on train tracks (several)
  • Taking selfies with trains
  • Falling off moving trains
  • Climbing on top of moving trains
  • Climbing on top of stationary trains (electrocution)
  • Taking driving selfies
  • Crashing cars uploading selfies while driving
  • Being hit by cars, while taking selfies
  • Standing up in a boat to take selfies (drownings)
  • Climbing on a fountain to take selfies
  • Climbing onto a glass dome and falling through
  • Falling off high buildings and ledges
  • Climbing on girders in a construction site
  • Leaping to take a "flying selfie" (at Machu Picchu)
  • Posing with guns (many in the USA and Russia)
  • Posing with grenades
  • Posing with a rattlesnake
  • Posing with tigers at the zoo
  • Taking selfies with a walrus at the zoo
  • Posing with a bison in a national park (gored)
  • Posing with an elephant near their tent on a safari
  • Getting out of a vehicle to take selfies with a herd of elephants blocking a road

Places where selfies have banned, due to deaths:
  • In Pamplona, Spain, during the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona
  • At New York State zoos (tigers)
  • Anywhere in Mumbai (India has very high selfie deaths)
  • In Japan, selfies and selfie-sticks on train station platforms are banned

Selfie bans have been proposed, due to high selfie deaths:
  • In Paris, at the Eiffel Tower
  • In Rome, at Trevi Fountain
  • In Rome, on the Spanish Steps

Does it get worse?

#selfie Yes, the most risk of selfies are being called "killfies". These selfies aren't just careless, the are planned death-defying selfies by adrenaline junkies. And a shocking number die trying.  

Is there hope?

Yes. A group of computer science students at Carnegie Mellon University, in partnership with the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, are tackling the issue of educating people on dangerous photo ops. The strategies include an anti-death-by-selfie app that would provide a warning if the user is about to attempt a high-risk selfie - or even better: shut down the camera [read more].

It's an intriguing concept. While we're not sure it would dissuade those inclined towards death defying killfies, it does sound like a great solution for those simply caught up in the moment and at risk of accidental death. 

Is there an alternative?

Flytographer has a new approach
Yes, there is a new option available for travellers.

Flytographer is a network of professional photographers worldwide, many in popular tourist destinations. In larger cities, there may be multiple photographers to choose from, and Flytographer makes this easy, as you can check out samples of each photographer's work online. The best part? You get GREAT photos of your memorable trips and travel moments, including electronic files. We say, Flytographer is brilliant!

Note: the photos in this article are NOT those of people who died taking a selfie (though you will find such photos in the results below).

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Trump and the impact on travel - News stories

Just 10 days ago we captured some headlines in Trump fallout - from Uber to F1.

Now, just as we did for Brexit - when we captured news stories predicting the impact of Brexit on travel, Brexit perspectives from travel bloggers - today we begin the same process of sharing stories about the impact of Trump-as-US-President on travel.

As the tone has changed in the days that followed the Trump win - from a sense of alarm during that first week, to more reflective analysis in the following week, we've organized these stories by date. For an interesting take on the reactions, start at the bottom, on November 9th, and go forward from there.


What impact will Trump have on tourism? - My Statesman


The Trump Effect on Travel: Some Early Indicators - Smarter Travel

How The Consumer Media Views Election’s Impact On Travel - Travel Market Report

Travel in the Trump Era: What Will His Policies Mean For Tourism? - Oyster, the Hotel Tell-All

Fears surface that Trump may jeopardize U.S.-Canada pre-clearance border plans - Vancouver Sun


Travel Industry Speaks Out about the Election of Trump - Inbound Report
Readers of the industry publication share their reactions. Read perspectives from tour operators and other travel industry stakeholders, from companies with operations in China, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US

TravelPulse Radio: Mark Murphy Discusses Donald Trump's Impact on Travel - TravelPulse
An interview with the President and CEO of travAlliancemedia


Measuring The Trump Presidency’s Impact On Caribbean Leisure Travel - TravelPulse

Demand for US travel plummets - World First Insurance

Travel, Trumped: Some Canadians reconsidering trips to the United States - Globe and Mail


How Will Trump Impact Travel and Tourism? - TravelPulse


What Impact Will Trump Have on Tourism? - New York Times

President Trump: The Travel Industry Reacts With Caution, Not Enthusiasm - Skift
Interesting story, with reactions from CEOs of Expedia, Norwegian Cruise Line and Priceline, and spokespersons from Marriott and Trip Advisor. There are also views from Airlines for America, American Society of Travel Agents, Asian American Hotel Owners Association, Black & Abroad, US Travel Association and the World Travel & Tourism Council, to name just a few.

What Does a Donald Trump Win Mean for the Travel Industry? - Market Realist

Travel Industry Reacts to Trump Victory - Smart Meetings

Post-Election, U.S. Travel Aims Industry Positioning Campaign at Incoming Lawmakers - US Travel Association Press Release


One million British travellers predicted to boycott Trump's United States - will you still visit? - The Telegraph

Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election: Travel Agents React - TravelPulse

How a Trump White House could impact global travel & tourism - Travel Week

Donald Trump's stunning victory and its impact on the hospitality industry - Hotel Management

Trump presidency could impact US travel, says events industry - CitiMagazine, Conference & Incentive Travel

Travel Industry Looks Forward to Working with Trump Administration - US Travel Association Press Release

We hope you found the stories illuminating, insightful or at least entertaining.

We'll return to this theme down the road with travel blogger perspectives on the impact of Trump on travel. Stay tuned...

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Trump fallout: from Uber to F1

"This morning's coffee has a look of Donald Trump"
Creative Commons image minnellium on Flickr / @davehaygarth
Here are a few headlines since the Trump win that caught our eye. We've included a quote from each, to give you a taste, though please read the articles for context...

President Obama jokes about becoming an Uber driver after leaving office - CBS News
"What do you do when you vacate the most powerful office in the world? Spend time with family? Golf? Catch up on your reading?"... When asked, "after a moment or two of contemplation, President Obama answered simply, 'Uber.' "

Michael Moore: 7 Things We Must Do as Trump Prepares for the White House - Alternet
"#2. Prepare to impeach Trump... we must organize the apparatus that will bring charges against him when he violates his oath and breaks the law—and then we must remove him from office." *

Mexican F1 driver drops sponsor over Trump-related comment - Brandon Sun
Mexican Formula One driver Sergio Perez is dropping Hawkers, a sunglasses sponsor

Disruption in America: Please hold - A Medium Corporation
"General Motors broke the news today that they will lay off 2,000 workers in Ohio and Michigan — states that played a large part in Trump’s victory..."

Passengers being racist and cheering Donald Trump - Uber People
"Passengers being racist and cheering Donald Trump... this makes me very uncomfortable and outraged. What is protocol for this?" asks one Uber driver. The responses are insightful.

Here's How People All Over the Country Are Protesting Trump's Election - Yahoo News
"Taxi driver chants #NotMyPresident with New Yorkers as they march past the Empire State Building. I love this city. " @jchaltiwanger

Straphangers shocked by Trump win say it with Post-it notes at 14th St. subway stop - NY Daily News
"By offering Post-it notes and pens, subway therapist (!) Matthew Chavez turned the wall of a 14th St. station pathway into a sounding board for the dejected to express the anger, confusion and hopes for the future..."

Trump Backlash Begins In NYC As Thousands Of Protesters Surround Trump Tower - Elite Daily
"The streets were consumed. Cars and taxis were stopped. But drivers weren’t angry about it."

Jeff Bezos, who once joked about sending Trump to space, changes tune - USA Today
"So much for sending Donald Trump to space..."

* In case you missed it, Michael Moore predicted Trump's win.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Headed to one of the 10 most dreaded? (2016)

Waiting in Sao Paulo airport 2014
Check out our Layover Ideas for the World's Worst Airports (2016)
creativecommons image gord99 on Flickr
Sleeping in Airports has just released their 2016 Best and Worst Airports Survey results. We're delighted to see a new category this year: the Best and Worst Airports for Layovers.

It goes without saying that's it's easy to find things to do at the Best Airports Overall and Best Airports for Layovers. It can be a little more challenging pass your time at the WORST Airports Overall and WORST Airports for Layovers.

2016 WORST Airports Overall
1. Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) - was #2 last year
2. Juba International Airport, South Sudan (JUB) - new to the list
3. Port Harcourt International Airport (PHC) - was #1 last year
4. Tashkent International Airport (TAS) - was #4 last year
5. Santorini Thira National Airport, Greece (JTR) - new to the list
6. Crete Chania International Airport, Greece (CHQ) - new to the list
7. Crete Heraklion International Airport, Greece (HER) - new to the list
8. Caracas Simon Bolivar International Airport (CCS) - was #5 last year
9. London Luton International Airport, England (LTN) - new to the list
10. Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM) - was #3 last year

2016 WORST Airports for Layovers
1. Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport (JED) *
2. Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Philippines (MNL)
3. Los Angeles International Airport, USA (LAX)
4. New York Newark Liberty International Airport, USA (EWR)
5. Miami International Airport, USA (MIA)
6. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, China (CAN)
7. Beijing Capital International Airport, China (PEK)
8. Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport, USA (IAH)
9. Paris Charles de Gaulle, France (CDG)
10. New York John F Kennedy, USA (JFK)
* = also on Worst Airports Overall list

Of course, just because an airport didn't make the list, doesn't mean it isn't dreadful. A lot depends on who responds to the survey and their experiences. And the current circumstances impacting resources. Of particular note this year:
  • 3 Greek airports on the overall worst list (the economic burden of refugees?)
  • 1 London airport on the overall worst list (Brexit, anyone?)
  • 5 of the 10 worst airports for layovers are in the USA (election distractions?)
The good news? In Layover Ideas for the World's Worst Airports (2016), our sister-site has suggestions about you to survive your layover if you find yourself headed to one of the dreaded, on either list!

So, we've taken on the challenge of layover suggestions for both of the WORST lists: the WORST Airports Overall and WORST Airports for Layovers.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

WiFox: Free Airport WiFi

On the balance of things, last week was a pretty good week for travelers in search of airport connectivity.

On the downside, we are hearing reports of some airports cutting back on free WiFi. Whaaattt? It's apparently true, according to articles in both Travel+Leisure and Travel Weekly. Are they crazy? If airports haven't learnt anything about what passengers want, they are totally missing the point of the "passenger experience" (PaxEx) movement.

On the upside, WiFox has got travelers everywhere talking! WiFox is a continually updated interactive global map of free airport WiFi spots. WiFox features both free airport WiFi information and restricted-access airport WiFi, complete with passwords.

You can follow @foxnomad on Twitter
We can all thank Anil Polat, the techie, blogger and world traveller (aka Robin Hood hacker) who created the app.

A digital nomad who has been living on the road for the past 5 years, Anil has clearly thought of everything:
  • A low price for the iPhone and Android apps makes WiFox affordable for all 
  • The WiFox website version is free - perfect for travelers
  • An offline version of WiFox can be easily downloaded prior to travel, giving you the information when you most need it
  • Users are encouraged to submit passwords to WiFox when they discover restricted-access airport WiFi during their travels

Giveaway: enter to win 1 of 20 promo codes for a free copy of the WiFox App (ends at midnight on October 16)!

Isn't life grand?

Our suggestion for airport authorities who are worried about the annoying their rent-paying tenants who are offering WiFi access to their customers only - and wish to keep it that way:
Wake up and smell the virtual roses: implement, bring back or keep FREE AIRPORT WIFI for all airport visitors.

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WiFox App - FoxNomad
@foxnomad - follow Anil Polat on Twitter
#WiFox - check out the hashtag on Twitter

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Haunted Attractions

Do you plan to visit a haunted house this Halloween?
Just in time for Halloween, the Haunted Attraction Association (yes, there is such a thing) and USA Today's 10Best Local Experts collaborated to create the Top 10 Haunted Attraction Awards.  The resulting Top 10 Haunted Attractions in the USA were recently named.

Here's that list, along with a bit more information on each, and a few other ideas while you are in the area... [continue reading on our Layover Ideas blog].

Want more layover ideas?
• Read more stories on the LayoverIdeas Blog
• Explore cities worldwide on

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Beware the Barnacle

Barnacle Macro
Barnacles (creative commons image callony on Flickr)
No, we are not referring to the above, but a new kind of "barnacle" that has been hitting the news this week in the world of parking enforcement. We'll let some media excerpts tell the story...

"Returning to your car to find a ticket tucked under the wiper sucks. So imagine how you’d feel finding a six square foot block of yellow plastic splayed across your windshield, rendering it impossible to see a thing." WIRED

"It's called The Barnacle. No, it's not the pesky sea creature you find stuck to the bottoms of boats. It's a contraption only humans could create. The Barnacle takes your standard, old parking ticket infraction to a whole new level." CBC Radio

"The Barnacle is certainly strange, but
anything is better than getting booted."
"Using two industrial-grade suction cups, the Barnacle mounts to a car's windshield, which unlike a boot, allows the car to be towed. The Barnacle comes with a screen to let the parking offender know why it was installed, and a credit card reader, so they can pay to have it removed. If the offender tries to drive off, an alarm will sound." Road and Track

"Personally, I think The Barnacle is the perfect punishment for a parking criminal. It’s bright, yellow, and obnoxious. Everyone who passes by will know you've done wrong. Also, good luck getting it off or ignoring it!" Daily Buzz

The Barnacle website
@ThisIsBarnacle on Twitter
Don't worry, there are no plans to deploy the devices at airports, and that's not really the target market.

At this point, the Barnacle is being piloted in two USA cities - Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Who knows if the parking officials in your city are paying attention...

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Got a stack of tickets in your glovebox? You may find a Barnacle stuck to your car - Road Show by CNET
Forget the wheel clamp, security firm reveals stick on 'Barnacle' that blocks the entire windscreen - Daily Mail
The Barnacle: A new kind of parking ticket coming to a windshield near you? - CBC Radio (audio and video links)

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Lily Airlines Fine Dining

Crew add an authentic touch
The reasons weren't clear right away, leaving the residents of Wuhan, China to wonder why a rusting, derelict Boeing 737 appeared on a busy street in their city.

Among the rumours in the city of 11 million, capital of the Hubei Province in central China, were an open-to-the-public flight simulator, or a restaurant (what, no hotel or nightclub rumours?).

It turns out the restaurant rumour was true, and the grounded airliner has opened for business.

Guests 'board' the Lily Airways Restaurant via a gangway and are served by staff sporting airline-themed uniforms. Rest assured, no standard airline fare is served onboard: the fine-dining menu is prepared by western chefs.

The aircraft was acquired from bankrupt Batavia Air. an Indonesian company, by a Chinese business man, Li Yang , for 35 million Yuan. The plane was partly dismantled, towed and reassembled on-site.

The bonus? There is actually a flight simulator in the cockpit, for those who are willing to fork out the extra cash.

For more photos, check out these news pieces:
Now that’s going to cause some serious traffic jams! A passenger PLANE appears in the middle of busy road in China - Daily Mail
First look inside China’s £4 million fine-dining restaurant converted from a retired Boeing 737 - Jet Line Marvel
This Restaurant Is Inside a Boeing 737 - Food and Wine
LOOK: Restaurant opens inside a Boeing 737 in downtown Wuhan - Shanghaist
Photos: China Unveils Its First Restaurant Inside an Airplane - China Aviation Daily
Airplane restaurant opens in Wuhan - China Daily

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Brexit and the impact on travel - Travel bloggers

Have 3 months really passed since the Brexit vote?
At the time the Brexit decision was a done deal, we did a high level capture of predictions on what the UK's move out of the EU could mean for travel. Since then, we have been watching, and listening.

What interests us most is what travel bloggers have to say about the subject. Here's a sampling:

Day after Brexit on Paros
Pamela Munro Travel Blog

Recent posts...

The UK Is OK Thanks! - Adventures of a Digital Nomad
Brexit and the Future - Roaming Ryan
Lifestyle: What does Brexit mean for us? - Strangeness and Charm
Almost Dutch - Expat Live With a Double Buggy
Does Brexit Effect Your European Health Card? - A Backpacker's Tale
Summer Recap, Brexit Blues and Going Back to University - The Culture Map
Staycation & Style in the Great British Countryside - Hey Dip Your Toes In

Less recent, but still thought provoking... 

Brexit and the Traveler: Europe Just Got Even More Interesting - Rick Steves
Why We Need Travel More Than Ever - This Battered Suitcase
What Does Brexit Mean for Accessible Travel? - Barrier Free Travels
Reflections on Brexit - The Last Ditch
Brexit: Why Brexit won’t happen - The Flaneur
What happens to expats after Brexit? - Sage & Simple
What will be the impact of brexit on travel? - Amanda's Wanderlust
What Does Brexit Mean for Travellers? - Twins That Travel
What does Brexit mean for Brits travelling abroad? - My Funky Travel
Brexit: How will this impact the travel and tourism industry - Life as a Butterfly
Brexit: How much should Politics Impact Travel? - Soul Travel Blog
Getting Dumped By Your Homeland - Chucking Roosters
20 Reasons To Move To New Zealand If You’re Pissed Off At The Brexit - Anita Hendrieka Travel Blog
We could all do with a holiday (Brits Abroad) - The Mum Blog
7 Reasons Leaving the EU Will Affect Travel Loving Families - The Family Freestylers

Have you seen the Patrick Stewart sketch?

On a lighter note...

'Brexit: the Musical' is coming to London - TimeOut
Patrick Stewart sketch: what has the ECHR ever done for us? (video) - The Guardian

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Planning your next Euro Trip? Here’s what you need to know - SandeepaChetan's Travel Blog
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Friday, 23 September 2016

Luxury Layover: London.

Afternoon tea at the historic Maison Bertaux in SoHo
Wikicommons image
Do you crave a day of luxury in London? Or perhaps a whole weekend?

There are lots of possibilities. We've sourced the following to give you some ideas. ... [read more].

Want more layover ideas?
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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Airport Beacons 2.0

You've heard of Bluetooth, but what are AltBeacon, iBeacon and Eddystone? They are all part of what is called proximity technology, and they are working hard to make your airport experience less painful and more connected. But just what are beacons and how they impact your travel experience?

You could call Steve Statler a beaconologist. Formerly of Qualcomm, Steve was part of the team responsible Gimbal, one of the industry's leading Bluetooth beacons.

Steve's new book, Beacon Technologies: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Beacosystem, is creating buzz and interest in the transportation technology community, so we thought we'd bring you some highlights.

Our digital and physical worlds collide - beacons

We’re witnessing the collision of our digital and physical worlds at the airport terminal as Bluetooth beacons begin to change customer experiences at venues around the globe. So what are the implications for airports? By Steve Statler, author of ‘Beacon Technologies: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Beacosystem’ [read the full article on Air Transport IT Review].

Beacons at San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport has over a long period of time worked to integrate the infrastructure into the airport and has deployed 300 beacons around the campus, highlighting different areas for deployment; check-ins, retail, parking... [read and listen to the interview on Proxbook].

Beacon pioneers "light up the way" - Hong Kong Airport, Miami Airport, Nice Airport

Beacons are lighting up the way for better airport operations and passenger experiences, as a building block in the Internet of Things. Many airlines and airports have been forging ahead with SITA to harness the potential... [read the full article on Air Transport IT Review].

10 Airports Using Beacons to Take Passenger Experience to the Next Level - Bologna Airport, Hamad Airport, Hong Kong Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Miami Airport, Mumbai Chhatrapati Airport, New York JFK Airport, Nice Airport, San Francisco Airport, Tokyo Haneda Airport

Given the huge promise of iBeacon technology, leading airports across the globe have already invested in the technology. We have compiled a list of 10 airports that are leveraging iBeacon technology in order to deliver enhanced passenger experiences and improve operational efficiency... [read the full article on Beaconstac].

More from Steve Statler on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Beacosystem

The book

The book trailer

The website

The podcast

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Airports of the Future - new perspectives

Heathrow's hub airport of the future design concept by Grimshaw
How will the airport of the future differ from today's leading edge airport? In what ways can airport leaders look at the passenger experience (PaxEx) they provide to meet the needs of tomorrow's traveller? Here are some fresh new perspectives:

5 things air transport stakeholders must do now to avoid missing out on huge industry transformation opportunities

At Future Travel Experience Europe 2016 in Amsterdam, hundreds of the most pioneering passenger experience-focused minds came together to share their plans and visions for the end-to-end travel experience of 2025. As part of FTE’s strategy to drive positive industry change, here we highlight five of the key conclusions from the event and suggest potential ways forward... [read the full article on Future Travel Experience].


The Future of Airports - Paul Griffiths, CEO, Dubai Airports

When I think of my own personal journey, it began while talking with someone who ran an airport. I was working for an airline and asked how they viewed customer relationships. He said: “We see airlines as suppliers of our customers.” That was when I personally realized that attitudes and approaches had to change; and I decided to move into airports [read the full interview on Air Transport IT Review].

Preparing for the airport terminal of the future - Future Travel Experience

"Driven by an increase in automation, commercialisation and the importance of ‘sense of place’, in addition to evolving passenger demands, airport terminal design has been changing. It will continue to do so as technology developments, especially in relation to passenger processing, shape how terminals look now and how they will differ in the future. To provide insight into the key factors impacting terminal design and to explore the latest developments in this space, FTE spoke to American Airlines’ Managing Director of Real Estate, Katherine Goudreau; LaGuardia Gateway Partners’ CEO, Stewart Steeves; SOM Director, Derek Moore; UNStudio Founder and Principal Architect, Ben van Berkel; and Merchant Aviation’s CEO, Kiran Merchant... [read the full article on Future Travel Experience].

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Monday, 5 September 2016

The Burning Man 747

Burning Man's 747 night club
Burning Man 2016 - Image copyright Apex
Every year, the build Black Rock City Airport from scratch. Every year it comes alive with Burning Man participants. And every year it vanishes without a trace. It's all in keeping with the Burning Man principles.

And, no, you can't fly on a jet to Burning Man. Think Cessnas. Yet, this year, there was a 747 on the ground.

Burning Man PaxEx: An Ephemeral Airport and a Boeing 747 Nightclub - by Jordan Yerman

From its humble beginnings on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, Burning Man has become a global destination for artists, dreamers, doers and those who want to spend a week in the desert with a makeshift pop-up community of over 70,000. The playa, where Burning Man takes place, is officially known as Black Rock City, and it (and its airport) only spring into structured existence during the festival, taking place this year from August 28 to September 5, 2016 [read the full article on Apex].

Appearing to rise out of the desert, the 747 art project
begins to be assembled in Black Rock City

 Black Rock Metropolis’s Largest Artwork Automotive: Transformed 747 Lands at Burning Man

A temporary metropolis for tens of thousands built annually in Nevada’s remote Black Rock Desert, the Burning Man festival is famous for its extreme architecture and creative art cars, the latter now including a transformed Boeing 747. The carved-out jumbo jet invites people to hop on board for speakers, parties and other events. It is being towed around the dusty playa by a surprisingly small service vehicle, a bit like one might see on the tarmac at an airport... [read the full article, with pictures, on Globotimes].

The 747 Project was powered by volunteers (IndiGoGo)

How The Journey Began: Drawings in the Dust - The 747 Project IndiGoGo page

The story of the project began in 2009 when Ken Feldman first sketched a 747 with the top cut off in the dust of the Playa while camping with Robot Heart.  “This” said Ken, “would be the craziest art car of all time!”  So crazy that he put the idea aside... In 2014, returning from Burning Man, he shared his long dormant 747 idea with Will Lundy, who told him about the Mojave Airport where a fleet of 747s lay grounded at the boneyard...   He shared the idea with his old camp mate Jon Teo, who grabbed him by the shoulders and said “Let's do this!"... [read the rest of the story on the project's IndiGoGo page].
Burning Man from the air
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