Saturday 22 September 2012

Travel Innovations We Like

The good thing about innovation is that every so often it hits stuff that makes a difference to your life. Here are a few cool things we've spotted lately:

Order a burger delivered to you at your gate
iPads at the gate
  • At La Guardia Airport (LGA), gates in Terminal D now feature tables of the type you might see in a bar or coffee shop equipped with, yes, you guessed it, iPads free for anyone to use. In addition to flight alterts and games, you can order food delivered to the gate. Elegant. Now there's a word you don't hear often in conversation about New York airports! BTW, they are cropping up elsewhere too... watch out for them!
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Scottevest's iPad Compatible Clothing
iPad cloaking devices
  • We love this one: a jacket (or vest) with a secret pocket you can slip your iPad into and, presto!, it's invisible. Invisible to anyone watching you walk down the street that is. Best yet, this innovation comes with more... more pockets! Scottevest's clothing have oodles of pockets - some have 20 or more! - and they've got that cool magic clear plastic thingy stuff that will let you work your finger sensitive device through the pocket and built in wiring (technical term: TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing®, which they invented).

Buy your luggage it's own ticket
Luggage that travels solo
  • With all the hassle - and charges - that come with flying with luggage these days, why not travel light and give your luggage it's own ticket to ride? If only.... Well, it's not "if" anymore. Lugless promises "travel without the baggage". You can ship your little carry on, your big suitcase, your bike, your whatever - and they deliver it at the other end. They send you a protective wrapper, pick it up (perhaps using their friends at FedEx, UPS or the like), then deliver it to your destination. Door-to-door. Hey, that's better than you get! The prices are pretty good (we think) and a real dream for journeys like travel overseas or sports fanatics that just can't leave their surfboard at home. 

What are your favourite innovations of late?