Friday 10 August 2012

We're a Website Travelers Should Rely On

So says Travel Stuff, a UK based travel blog offering advice on travel worldwide, with a focus on Europe.

Travel Stuff's article, 6 Websites Every Traveler Should Rely On, cites - you guessed it! - six travel websites that are near and dear to their hearts. We are most flattered to be one of them, especially when we look at the company we're keeping.

Our trip to las vegas
We're your rock. You can rely on us to help you
figure out how to get from Airport to Beach
We especially like that the Travel Stuff folks "get" what we are really about, describing as "incredibly useful for all travelers who’d rather anticipate and plan than just leave it to chance". Hurrah! And, yes, indeed, we "help you find your way from the airport to your accommodation area without losing time or wasting money." That's all that we're about.

Yes, our database IS huge.We're glad you noticed.

But, heck, it's ok if you take a taxi. We won't hold it against you.

If you haven't seen it before, here's the story behind our name: Do we really hate taxis?