Thursday, 17 August 2017

Airport Trains on the Move

Tampa Airport was the first to have a "people mover" train (above)
 to move passengers between terminals. Now it's getting a new one.

A few updates on new airport trains around the world:

New announcements for Auckland's airport train plans
Interesting fact: What's better than an airport train? In Auckland, the answer is two!
The government has proposed not one but two light rail lines: a City Line, linking the city centre with the airport, and a northwestern line linking the city centre and Westgate. It’s also signed up to a southeastern bus rapid transit line. How will they actually work?.. [read more].

First train arrives in Jakarta for new airport line
Interesting fact: the rolling stock is supplied by Canada's Bombardier
State railway operator PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) on Monday evening welcomed the first train set to operate as an airport train connecting the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang, Banten to two stations in Jakarta... [read more]. Or read our earlier story> about this train.

Perth Airport train station work begins, thanks to Grace
Interesting fact: the boring machine being used for the tunnel, "Grace", is named after a local schoolgirl undergoing leukaemia treatment.
WORK has begun on building the train station at Perth Airport as part of the rail tunnel from Forrestfield to Bayswater... [read more].

Phnom Penh airport train on hold
Interesting fact: Story emerges just one month after assurances there would be no evictions
The Cambodian government has suspended work on the airport railway project in Phnom Penh following demonstrations by villages over possible evictions... [read more].

You'll get a charge out of Taipei's new airport train
Interesting fact: the new metro offers in-town airport check-in
Passengers traveling on the new metro line between Taipei and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport now have access to a free wireless charging service for their mobile devices. The Taoyuan Metro also offers free Wi-Fi ... [read more].

Tampa Airport is getting a new people mover
Interesting fact: the rolling stock is suppied by Japan's Mitsubishi
Tampa International Airport's $2 Billion upgrade is underway. The first phase includes a 2.6 million sq.-ft. rental car center, a 1.4 mile automated people mover. The SkyConnect trip from the main terminal to the rental car center will include a stop at the economy parking garage. The facility will include kiosks for obtaining boarding passes and checking bags... [read more].

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Manila Turns Up The Heat

In late 2014, we wrote about Manila's Latest Colorum Taxi Scam, targeting passengers at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 'Colorum' is a Filipino slang term used to refer to illegal vehicles.

Since then, we've reported on numerous Manila transportation developments, including official taxi fare reductions, a new airport bus ( New Manila UBE Express Airport Bus), and the ability for regular taxis to make airport pick-ups (New White Taxi Lanes at NAIA).

It seems are heating up again, with a major crackdown on taxi scams and illegal operators.

In Higher Penalties Await Overcharging Taxis, ‘Colorum’ in NAIA, Page One reports that authorities are imposing higher penalties on illegal “colorum” vehicle operators at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The penalties also extend to taxi drivers of any type - official airport taxis or regular white taxis using designated airport lanes - who scam passengers. Oops, we mean overcharge passengers.

With fines of PHP120,000 to PHP200,000 per violation, up from the previous PHP1,000 fine, it seems they are getting serious.

And it's about time. Manila's main airport has long been plagued with horrendous taxi lines and unacceptable delays at all four of its terminals.

The penalties are even higher for unauthorized bus operators, at PHP1 million per violation. Shady bus operators had been simply absorbing the prior PHP 1,000 as a cost of business, and covering it with passenger fares.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Do you URBEX?

Kolmanscop, Namibia - an urban explorer's paradise
creative commons image wikicommons
Urban exploration, or "URBEX", is the exploration of man-made structures, either abandoned ruins or normally unseen components of man-made environments. May also be referred to as dark tourism.

Unauthorized exploration involves all manner of risks associated with climbing derelict structures, entering dark tunnels, crawling into drains, breathing or coming into contact with toxins and so on. People have died pursuing this hobby. Yet the purists follow their own code of conduct of "leave everything as you found it" and "take nothing except pictures".

While exploring these structures may involve trespassing onto private property, this is not always the case. Some sites are open to the public, or are accessible on a tour. Still others have added methods such as mini-railways to take you through the site.

If your layover doesn't provide easy access to an abandoned site, you can easily pass hours exploring incredible photographs online. As many devotees don't even reveal the exact location of their finds, this is the only way you can see them.

In this, our first blog post on urban exploration, we introduce you to a sampling of popular sites... [read more].

Want more layover ideas?
• Read more stories on the LayoverIdeas Blog
• Explore cities worldwide on

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

5 Pages:

5 Pages is our way to highlight great travel resources. In a nutshell, we share a resource we recommend and highlight five of the website's most notable sections, tools or articles. Here's our pick this month:

Rental Car Reviews is the premier car rental information and review site, helping travelers research, review and plan their car rentals worldwide... Rental Car Reviews offers both verified and unverified reviews. Verified reviews are vetted with the rental companies in an effort to provide authenticated accounts from actual renters. Unverified reviews are monitored using a variety of methods to prevent abuse but overall are left to the honor system. Used together these reviews provide a strong foundation for users to make an informed decision about their car rental options. (edited, from the Rental Car Reviews website)

1. How to Avoid Being Charged for Pre-Existing Damage to Your Rental Car

You may not want the hassle of inspecting your rental car, going back into the office and getting the agent to sign-off on damage not already noted, but it could save your bacon. Or your wallet. Protect yourself against being billed for overlooked damage or, just as likely, a scam.
How to Avoid Being Charged for Pre-Existing Damage to Your Rental Car

2. 4 Easy Steps To Avoid Car Rental Fuel Charges

This page offers a clever way to create an "iron clad paper trail that a car rental company can't argue with", just in case you get a nasty surprise on your credit card bill.
4 Easy Steps To Avoid Car Rental Fuel Charges

3. Renting under the age of 25

It's not impossible to rent a car when you are under 25, but you'll have to do your research. This page gives you the lay of the land.
Renting under the age of 25

4. Child Seats and your Rental Car

You already know that you need a car seat for your little one when you travel. The question is, do you take one with you, or use one from the rental car company? The answers are here.
Child Seats and your Rental Car

5. Rental Car Reviews Community

You have to hunt for it, but once you click the "Login" button, you are at the launchpad for the heat of the site: the community of users who post their reviews. Yes, you have to sign up, but it's fast, easy and spam-free. Once in, you'll find a wealth of reviews for all brands, for locations worldwide.
Rental Car Reviews Community

A few bonus pages...
Hertz Error Inspires New Segment On Conan
Conan Gets Resolution From Hertz For Pricing Error
Which Rental Car To Choose? David Adam's Video Rental Car Reviews
The Cost Of Every Toll Road In Europe And The US
Avis And Budget Car Rental Introduce Portable WiFi Units In 12 European Countries

Our Review
Rating: 4 stars
Pros: nice balance of verified and unverified reviews
Cons: too hard to find specific rental car reviews (there needs to be a "sign up for a free login to easily search, read, save and write reviews" message, plus this page needs a spot on the menu), blog/tip pages are undated

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