Sunday, 24 April 2016

New Denver Airport train

Train service to Denver Airport begins at Denver's Union Station
After much anticipation, Denver International Airport's new rail link to the city centre has opened for service.

Operating between a station at the south end of the airport terminal (below the brand new Westin Hotel, via the longest escalator ride in the state) to Union Station in central Denver, the sleek electric train ride takes 37 minutes to cover the 37 kilometre distance.

Onboard, passengers can charge their electronic devices while relaxing during the ride. Trains will run between 4:00am and 1:30am, with service every 15 minutes, and stops at 8 stations. Cars have ample room for luggage.

The adult fare is USD 9. No word yet on discounts for airport staff and commuters.

The Denver Airport train is part of the Denver metro system's Line A (officially, the "University of Colorado A Line").

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