Monday 26 September 2016

Brexit and the impact on travel - Travel bloggers

Have 3 months really passed since the Brexit vote?
At the time the Brexit decision was a done deal, we did a high level capture of predictions on what the UK's move out of the EU could mean for travel. Since then, we have been watching, and listening.

What interests us most is what travel bloggers have to say about the subject. Here's a sampling:

Day after Brexit on Paros
Pamela Munro Travel Blog

Recent posts...

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Less recent, but still thought provoking... 

Brexit and the Traveler: Europe Just Got Even More Interesting - Rick Steves
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What Does Brexit Mean for Accessible Travel? - Barrier Free Travels
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Brexit: How will this impact the travel and tourism industry - Life as a Butterfly
Brexit: How much should Politics Impact Travel? - Soul Travel Blog
Getting Dumped By Your Homeland - Chucking Roosters
20 Reasons To Move To New Zealand If You’re Pissed Off At The Brexit - Anita Hendrieka Travel Blog
We could all do with a holiday (Brits Abroad) - The Mum Blog
7 Reasons Leaving the EU Will Affect Travel Loving Families - The Family Freestylers

Have you seen the Patrick Stewart sketch?

On a lighter note...

'Brexit: the Musical' is coming to London - TimeOut
Patrick Stewart sketch: what has the ECHR ever done for us? (video) - The Guardian

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