Monday, 3 October 2016

Lily Airlines Fine Dining

Crew add an authentic touch
The reasons weren't clear right away, leaving the residents of Wuhan, China to wonder why a rusting, derelict Boeing 737 appeared on a busy street in their city.

Among the rumours in the city of 11 million, capital of the Hubei Province in central China, were an open-to-the-public flight simulator, or a restaurant (what, no hotel or nightclub rumours?).

It turns out the restaurant rumour was true, and the grounded airliner has opened for business.

Guests 'board' the Lily Airways Restaurant via a gangway and are served by staff sporting airline-themed uniforms. Rest assured, no standard airline fare is served onboard: the fine-dining menu is prepared by western chefs.

The aircraft was acquired from bankrupt Batavia Air. an Indonesian company, by a Chinese business man, Li Yang , for 35 million Yuan. The plane was partly dismantled, towed and reassembled on-site.

The bonus? There is actually a flight simulator in the cockpit, for those who are willing to fork out the extra cash.

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