Friday, 11 November 2016

Trump fallout: from Uber to F1

"This morning's coffee has a look of Donald Trump"
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Here are a few headlines since the Trump win that caught our eye. We've included a quote from each, to give you a taste, though please read the articles for context...

President Obama jokes about becoming an Uber driver after leaving office - CBS News
"What do you do when you vacate the most powerful office in the world? Spend time with family? Golf? Catch up on your reading?"... When asked, "after a moment or two of contemplation, President Obama answered simply, 'Uber.' "

Michael Moore: 7 Things We Must Do as Trump Prepares for the White House - Alternet
"#2. Prepare to impeach Trump... we must organize the apparatus that will bring charges against him when he violates his oath and breaks the law—and then we must remove him from office." *

Mexican F1 driver drops sponsor over Trump-related comment - Brandon Sun
Mexican Formula One driver Sergio Perez is dropping Hawkers, a sunglasses sponsor

Disruption in America: Please hold - A Medium Corporation
"General Motors broke the news today that they will lay off 2,000 workers in Ohio and Michigan — states that played a large part in Trump’s victory..."

Passengers being racist and cheering Donald Trump - Uber People
"Passengers being racist and cheering Donald Trump... this makes me very uncomfortable and outraged. What is protocol for this?" asks one Uber driver. The responses are insightful.

Here's How People All Over the Country Are Protesting Trump's Election - Yahoo News
"Taxi driver chants #NotMyPresident with New Yorkers as they march past the Empire State Building. I love this city. " @jchaltiwanger

Straphangers shocked by Trump win say it with Post-it notes at 14th St. subway stop - NY Daily News
"By offering Post-it notes and pens, subway therapist (!) Matthew Chavez turned the wall of a 14th St. station pathway into a sounding board for the dejected to express the anger, confusion and hopes for the future..."

Trump Backlash Begins In NYC As Thousands Of Protesters Surround Trump Tower - Elite Daily
"The streets were consumed. Cars and taxis were stopped. But drivers weren’t angry about it."

Jeff Bezos, who once joked about sending Trump to space, changes tune - USA Today
"So much for sending Donald Trump to space..."

* In case you missed it, Michael Moore predicted Trump's win.

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