Sunday, 20 November 2016

Trump and the impact on travel - News stories

Just 10 days ago we captured some headlines in Trump fallout - from Uber to F1.

Now, just as we did for Brexit - when we captured news stories predicting the impact of Brexit on travel, Brexit perspectives from travel bloggers - today we begin the same process of sharing stories about the impact of Trump-as-US-President on travel.

As the tone has changed in the days that followed the Trump win - from a sense of alarm during that first week, to more reflective analysis in the following week, we've organized these stories by date. For an interesting take on the reactions, start at the bottom, on November 9th, and go forward from there.


What impact will Trump have on tourism? - My Statesman


The Trump Effect on Travel: Some Early Indicators - Smarter Travel

How The Consumer Media Views Election’s Impact On Travel - Travel Market Report

Travel in the Trump Era: What Will His Policies Mean For Tourism? - Oyster, the Hotel Tell-All

Fears surface that Trump may jeopardize U.S.-Canada pre-clearance border plans - Vancouver Sun


Travel Industry Speaks Out about the Election of Trump - Inbound Report
Readers of the industry publication share their reactions. Read perspectives from tour operators and other travel industry stakeholders, from companies with operations in China, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US

TravelPulse Radio: Mark Murphy Discusses Donald Trump's Impact on Travel - TravelPulse
An interview with the President and CEO of travAlliancemedia


Measuring The Trump Presidency’s Impact On Caribbean Leisure Travel - TravelPulse

Demand for US travel plummets - World First Insurance

Travel, Trumped: Some Canadians reconsidering trips to the United States - Globe and Mail


How Will Trump Impact Travel and Tourism? - TravelPulse


What Impact Will Trump Have on Tourism? - New York Times

President Trump: The Travel Industry Reacts With Caution, Not Enthusiasm - Skift
Interesting story, with reactions from CEOs of Expedia, Norwegian Cruise Line and Priceline, and spokespersons from Marriott and Trip Advisor. There are also views from Airlines for America, American Society of Travel Agents, Asian American Hotel Owners Association, Black & Abroad, US Travel Association and the World Travel & Tourism Council, to name just a few.

What Does a Donald Trump Win Mean for the Travel Industry? - Market Realist

Travel Industry Reacts to Trump Victory - Smart Meetings

Post-Election, U.S. Travel Aims Industry Positioning Campaign at Incoming Lawmakers - US Travel Association Press Release


One million British travellers predicted to boycott Trump's United States - will you still visit? - The Telegraph

Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election: Travel Agents React - TravelPulse

How a Trump White House could impact global travel & tourism - Travel Week

Donald Trump's stunning victory and its impact on the hospitality industry - Hotel Management

Trump presidency could impact US travel, says events industry - CitiMagazine, Conference & Incentive Travel

Travel Industry Looks Forward to Working with Trump Administration - US Travel Association Press Release

We hope you found the stories illuminating, insightful or at least entertaining.

We'll return to this theme down the road with travel blogger perspectives on the impact of Trump on travel. Stay tuned...

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