Tuesday 1 October 2013

Avoiding taxi scams at Rome's airports (CIA, FCO)

Colosseum Taxis
Rome is notorious for taxi scams...
The tricky thing about the taxi scams at Rome's airports is that they are carried out by the official taxis. It's baffling and practically impossible to avoid, unless you avoid airport taxis entirely.

We tell you how to avoid the taxi scams on the taxi pages in both our Rome airport guides:

That's why we're so impressed with Amanda Ruggeri's recent blog post about the problem, as she lives in Rome, is not easily fooled and isn't afraid to challenge the status quo. In Don't Take a Taxi at Rome's Ciampino Airport. Here's Why, Amanda pulls back the covers and reveals how the scam works (she even explains what the Aurelian Walls are!):

The good news is that there are alternatives - here's what we recommend  from each airport:
... and be glad that transportation in ancient Rome has evolved since the days of the chariot.

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