Thursday 26 September 2013

Avoiding scams at LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Anti-gypsy-cab sign, La Guardia Airport, NYC, NY, USA.JPG
It is unsafe to accept a ride from drivers who approach you at La Guardia.
Even if they look official, these pirate taxi drivers are breaking the law.

There are so many problems with travellers being scammed at New York's LaGuardia Airport that they have taken to placing free-standing signs around the terminal.

The best advice we can give you is the following:

Do NOT accept a ride from anyone who approaches you in the terminal. That includes:
  • A driver who says they just happen to be returning to their car after stepping into the terminal to use the washroom
  • A driver who tells you there are no taxis outside but you can skip the waiting line by going with him
  • A limousine driver who says their passenger pick-up was cancelled at the last minute
  • Anyone who offers to help you with your luggage

This is an airport where it really is important to use only official taxi and limousine providers.

Head directly for the taxi stand located outside each terminal for official taxi services. You will find uniformed LGA Taxi dispatchers available to assist you before you start your ride.

New York Taxi Stand at LaGuardia Airport Photo i096 by Grant Wickes
Taxi queue at LGA (Photo courtesy Grant Wickes)

You can also follow the signs to the Welcome Centre/Ground Transportation Counter (near baggage claim). The staff here can advise you on your options. Better yet, read up on your choices before you go with our LaGuardia Airport (LGA) Transportation Guide.

Bonus Tip: Ignore non-uniformed people offering to assist with baggage. Seek out uniformed porters or airline employees for baggage assistance.

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