Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Amazing Race Canada - Week 2: YLW, YVR

Another exciting episode of The Amazing Race Canada last night!

We're pleased a few people found our "clues" to Week 2 and tried our poll. Once again, here are the clues, along with the % of guesses for each, and the correct answer highlighted:
  • A pair of sticks. An enormous tail. A dull edge. (0%)
  • A green hat. An enormous head. A sharp edge. (20%) - CORRECT
  • A pointy head. An enormous elastic. An uneven edge. (0%)
  • A head on a stick. An enormous song. A jagged edge. (0%)
  • A fishy stick. An enormous rope. A smooth edge. (0%)
  • A pair of dimes. An enormous bone. A bumpy edge. (0%)
  • A red jacket. An enormous beast. A razor edge. (80%)

A green hat:

Vancouver Convention Centre
The green roof atop the Vancouver Convention Centre West Building,
The Amazing Race Canada Week 2 pitstop
(source: super_sly_spy on flickr, creative commons licence)
This green "living roof" atop the new West building of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Wasn't that a marvelous pit stop for the end of Week 2? [continue reading]

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