Saturday, 20 July 2013

Amazing Race Canada - Week 2: What's in Store?

Like you, we wonder about the details of where the teams will go, and what they'll do. Do we know more than you? Only time will tell. What do YOU think?

Where will The Amazing Race Canada go in Week 2? Pick the best set of clues:

  • A pair of sticks. An enormous tail. A dull edge. 
  • A green hat. An enormous head. A sharp edge. 
  • A pointy head. An enormous elastic. An uneven edge. 
  • A head on a stick. An enormous song. A jagged edge. 
  • A fishy stick. An enormous rope. A smooth edge. 
  • A pair of dimes. An enormous bone. A bumpy edge. 
  • A red jacket. An enormous beast. A razor edge.

Record your answer in the poll above... or add your own guesses to the comments section below.


  1. This is crazy difficult
    I might need CAFFEINE ;-)

  2. The guesses so far have all fallen for a red herring! :)

  3. Such tricky clues...


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