Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Up, up and away with Uber in China

Now you can call Uber to take a balloon ride over Shanghai
Uber in China is breaking any moulds it has created for itself elsewhere. Now 60 cities strong, Uber is stepping things up to compete with its biggest rival, Didi Chuxing.

Since being blocked from China's popular WeChat (an even bigger deal than Facebook here in the West), Uber has had to get creative. As "all in one" apps are how the market works in China, Uber has responded by reinventing its ride-hailing app to be so much more, including:
  • UberLIFE - connecting users to nearby sporting and entertainment
  • Uber + Travel - unique destination-specific transportation options
  • UberPASS - multi-city ride pass
  • Uber Boat - the next generation of boat-hailing (already in Istanbul)
  • Uber Balloon - yup, you guessed it, hot air balloon rides!
This isn't the first time Uber has gotten creative (think the Uber service for helicopters in New York City). We doubt it will be the last.

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