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Mugging: are you a target? 10 resources

Deserves to be pick-pocketed
This guy is definitely a target - are you?
creative commons image waldopepper on Flickr
Are you a target for mugging? You might be surprised.

Trust us, you don't want to lose your money, credit cards, identification, camera or anything while you travel. So read on...
Here we share stories from seasoned travellers who have been duped and robbed -- along with 10 resources to help keep you and your valuables safe.

Lessons learned from Being Mugged Abroad - Yvonne Ivanescu
Just because you've travelled a long time with no major problems doesn't make you less vulnerable, it can make you more so. Here's a telling story from ThePlanetD:
Last month I celebrated the one year anniversary of an event that made a significant impact on my life and molded me into a more savvy, independent and conscientious traveler. In July 2012, I was mugged by thee individuals on a sunny afternoon while I was walking around in Valparaiso, located around 2 hours away from Santiago de Chile. After the event, I recounted my story to numerous eager ears only to be welcomed with blank expressions coupled with snide remarks that my actions had made me an easy target... [read what Yvonne learned].

After 62 Countries in 5 Years, We Were Robbed - Jeremy
Jeremy and Angie  have been travelling the world for years, and thought they had escaped the thieves, but, alas, it happened to them too. Here's their story from Living the Dream:
After 550+ days of travel since 2008, being gone for almost a whole year on this trip, and visiting hundreds of cities in 62 countries, our day finally happened in Puno, Peru. And we nearly lost everything. As we were in the bus station getting ready to leave for Cusco, I looked down and noticed something odd.  My bag containing a computer, expensive SLR, camera gear, passports, and emergency money was nowhere to be found. It didn’t take long to figure out what happened and we soon determined that we were victims to one of the oldest techniques in the book: the diversion... [read what Jeremy learned].

How NOT to Get Mugged on the Paris Metro (By an 8-Year-Old) - Down the Wrabbit Hole
The woman behind the wrabbit has travelled a lot, and thought herself pretty savvy, until she was outsmarted by a little kid. Here's her story from Down the Wrabbit Hole:
My story goes back to my Europe 2010 trip. I was with my 23 junior high students, 10 parent chaperones, and our fearless Explorica tour guide - and a partridge in a pear tree.  Or so it seemed.  Navigating that massive group through the streets of Paris without losing anyone had already proven to be a challenge, but not impossible.  Now we were headed for the underground Metro system, moving from the Eiffel Tower to our restaurant for dinner... [read what this traveller in Paris learned].

So... if it happened to them, it can happen to you!

Here are 10 resources to help protect yourself:
Grzimekhaus, Zoo Frankfurt: beware of pickpockets
Warning in the Frankfurt Zoo
creative commons image sunixzs on Flickr
  1. How to avoid being mugged - WikiHow
  2. Theft by pickpockets in Naples, Rome, Florence and Milan, Italy - Bella-Toscana (GREAT RESOURCE)
  3. Outsmarting thieves and pickpockets in Europe - Rick Steves
  4. Tips for Not Getting Mugged in South America - Going Nomadic
  5. Surefire Ways to Get Mugged on Vacation - HuffPost Travel
  6. Anti Theft Travel Gear: 6 Ways To Keep Your Valuables Secure - IndieTraveller
  7. Top 5 Anti-Theft Travel Bags for Women - Travel Fashion Girl
  8. Make A Secret Pocket In Your Pants! - The Expert Vagabond
  9. The Dummy’s Guide to Packing a Theft-Proof Backpack - Packsmiths
  10. Seven Ways to Keep Your Stuff Safe When You Fly - Independent Traveler

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