Sunday 13 March 2016

Famous fare: Nimoy drives JFK

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The Day JFK Rode In My Taxi - Leonard Nimoy

To make ends meet, Leonard Nimoy once drove a taxi, and met some interesting people. Here's the story of the day in 1956 when he drove JFK:

They had those cab stands where a phone rings; if you’re next in line to take the call,” he pointed out, “and they tell you where to pick up the fare. Well, there was a call and I answered it. I was instructed to pick up a Mr. Kennedy at the Bel Air Hotel. “When I pulled up at the driveway,” Leonard continued, “I asked the doorman if it was the Senator from Massachusetts. He just shrugged and said, ‘I don’t know.’” After a 10-minute wait, a tall, slender young man with a shock of unruly chestnut hair came through the door; Leonard recognized him immediately. [read about Nimoy's conversation with JFK].

The famous fare had quite an impact on the actor, as he revealed in a commencement speech to Boston University's College of Fine Arts Class of 2012, [read more in Leonard Nimoy said a chance meeting with a young JFK changed his life - Business Insider].

Nimoy also spoke about the encounter in an interview with Esquire in which he reflected on his life [Leonard Nimoy: What I've Learned - Life lessons from the late 'Star Trek' actor - Esquire].

It wasn't his only interesting ride, as told in How Leonard Nimoy faced death at gunpoint. We're glad he came out that one unscathed!

Ed. Even more interesting than a "Leonard Nimoy / Spock was my taxi driver" story would be... we wonder if there's one out there?

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