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Uber news recap - October 2015

Uber proves to be the cat's meow in October
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Here's an update on the latest in the world of Uber news:

Insurance woes for UberX drivers in Toronto

An interesting development in the world of insurance for Uber in Toronto over the use of UberX driver's personal vehicles without commercial insurance.

Calgary goes covert on Uber

Tension continues in Calgary with the latest Uber crackdown, spy style.
No go for Uber or more taxis in Vancouver, still

The stalemate over more private transportation options in Vancouver is... still a stalemate. In it's wisdom(?), city council has declined to NEITHER end the moratorium on new taxi licenses, or approve Uber for the city. The result? Residents still waiting for rides during peak periods - such as in the club zone at closing time - and expensive rides, often with disgruntled taxi drivers. This is progress?

A rare welcome

Every once in awhile, a city - or an advocate for a city - welcomes the arrival of ridesharing services. A timely, refreshing example...

Weighing in on the future of Uber

What is the future of ridesharing? How long will Uber be around? How will the service change? Forbes weighed in this in October.

Even cats take Uber

Finally, proof that Uber is the cat's meow, with this story that made the rounds in late October...

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