Wednesday 14 October 2015

The elusive Kabul Taxi

You can't actually take the 'Kabul Taxi'
It seems not everyone is amused by Kabul Taxi, the satirical Facebook page that provided an outlet for Afghans tired from years of unrest.

Since summer, Afghanistan's spy agency has been paying attention to to the page, and threatening to shut it down. It's a compliment of sorts, and the scrutiny has led to greater exposure for the fake taxi page.

While reportedly removed, we still found the Kabul Taxi Facebook page, with 60,000+ likes and recent posts. Even if you can't understand the language, the photos give you insight to the irony and biting commentary on life and politics in the country.

What's next? We were amused to see comments on the Kabul Taxi page suggestion variations, including Kabul Bus, Kabul Jet and more.

Whatever the outcome, we wish peace and whatever comical relief that gets the people of this resilient country.

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