Thursday, 13 November 2014

Free Taxi Vancouver - one guy in a chicken suit

Yesterday, a new service, Free Taxi Vancouver, began offering, yes, free taxi rides in Vancouver.

Kyle MacDonald kicked off the campaign on Reddit:
I'm giving out FREE taxi rides tonight in Vancouver to raise awareness of taxi industry reform.

Reportedly wearing a chicken costume, and tweeting his location via @YesFreeTaxi, Kevin even scored a CTV interview, coverage on CBC radio, and more. Kyle has since updated his Reddit post with stories about the people he helped.

Kyle MacDonald is known to think out of the box: he's the Canadian famously known as the "Red Paper Clip guy" ( In this latest venture, Kyle is seeking to raise awareness about Canadian taxi regulations and the need or reform.

The free rides for a night is a repeat of a similar stunt back in June, when @YesFreeTaxi first offered its first free rides for a night.

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